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What is Community Engagement?
Our ambition is to engage with society and create positive impact in the areas of our core competences: Financial Skills and Entrepreneurship. We aim to engage and share our experience for the good of the surrounding community.
Our partnerships can fall under the following categories:
  • Community Involvement
  • Donations 
  • Sponsorships
Is your initiative right for Nordea?
Nordea want partners that see that Financial Skills and Entrepreneurship can be valuable and see this as an important part of the agreement.  
We look for partners that will contribute to form positive associations with our brand. Our brand promise is "making engagement count": We are a company that consists of employees with high expertise and our ambition is to engage with the communities and deliver to stakeholders. Therefore we are looking for partners that can support us with this ambition.
Application form
All applications must be sent via this application form. If you believe your partnership fits with our objectives and causes, select what you are applying for (Sponsorships, Community Involvement or Donations) and please click on Next to submit your proposal.
We recommend previewing the form first by clicking on the relevant link below:
Please note, that you are able to include attachments. When you are ready to fill in the form, you should be able to submit your proposal within 15-20 minutes. 
Applications for Nordic partnerships (includes two or more of the Nordic countries) or National partnerships are required to be submitted in English only. Prior to continuing with this process, please go to the top right of this page and click on English to ensure that the form is submitted in the correct language.
Application for Local Partnership (within an area in one of the Nordic countries) can be in local language.
Consideration of new partnerships
For Nordic and National partnerships, we have a review process twice a year. For local partnerships we have a quarterly review process.  
Thank you in advance for your time and we will come back to you shortly with a personal response and a digital copy of your submission.
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  • Donation
  • Sponsorship and Community Involvement
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